Home Upgrades to Consider

One Percent Guys Full Service Real Estate Agents® is happy to provide homeowners with upgrade ideas that can add value and appeal to their homes.  Our Tampa listing agents and Orlando listing agents spend much time learning about different features that attract homebuyers.  Our previous articles covered outdoor spaces and kitchen remodeling.  Today, we will look at some bathroom upgrades to consider.

Get Rid of Large Mirrors

Large mirrors were popular back in the 1980s. Today, the trend is toward smaller, decorative mirrors with surrounding wall space.

Do Away With Old Tile

Old tile on the floor and in the shower can be an eyesore.  Consider replacing outdated tile with something more modern and trendy.

Upgrade Fixtures

Dated sink and shower fixtures should be replaced with newer ones that not only look nice, but function better.  Dual and/or rain showerheads are among the fixtures that are trending in contemporary design.

Add a Sink

Double sinks in both the owner’s suite as well as children’s bathrooms are particularity appealing to home buyers.  This small upgrade can make a big difference.

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