Adding Value and Appeal to Your Home

Adding Value and Appeal to Your Home

We are continuing our series on upgrades to consider that add value and appeal to your home.  The staff at One Percent Guys Full Service Real Estate Agents® has seen an increase in home sales throughout the greater Tampa Bay and Orlando areas. Our Tampa listing agents and Orlando listing agents report that homes with contemporary style upgrades are in demand and selling for a higher price than those that do not have modern amenities.  Our previous article covered outdoor spaces.  This article will offer some tips on updating your kitchen.

Opening Up the Space

Kitchens in older homes are often behind walls.  Modern kitchens are spacious and open. 

Walk-in Pantry and Expanded Cabinet Storage

You can never have too much pantry or cabinet space!  Often times, opening up the kitchen allows room to re-design the pantry and cabinets for additional storage.


Kitchen islands are trending, particularly because they offer additional counter space for food prep.

Modern Appliances

Modern appliances with smart features are desired by many homeowners. In fact, when a kitchen does not have modern appliances, potential home buyers often ask for an appliance upgrade allowance.

Our next article will cover more home upgrades to consider.

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