1% Guys Full Service Real Estate Agents

We can work as either a Buyer’s Agent or Listing Agent!

The 1% Guys Advantage means savings to you, whether you are buying or selling.

Buy your home through 1% Guys and we will REBATE you 1% of the PURCHASE PRICE! Typically, a buyer’s agent gets half of the 6% commission that the seller pays in order to sell a home, and then splits their proceeds with their managing broker. And for buyer’s agents, they can compete for home buyer business by refunding a portion of this commission to the home buyer.

Example of Savings

Our 1% REBATE on a $250,000 home would save the home buyer $2,500 towards their closing costs if they used 1% Guys to represent them, even with NEW CONSTRUCTION!

In the last 3 years, we averaged a TOTAL savings, including negotiation of

$8,333 per transaction

We saved our home buyers a

TOTAL of $625,000!

Buy a Home

You can buy a home through any Realtor®, but you will want one that is going to represent you through the entire process; a team that has done millions of dollars in transactions, and a team that knows all the intricacies of a real estate transaction in detail. The 1% Guys team is a quality team of exciting individuals working in a fast-paced environment, delivering a high standard in customer service and satisfaction. The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that a REBATE is not taxable, but rather is an adjustment to the buyer’s basis in the house, which effectively lowers the home’s purchase price.

Sell a Home

Selling? With 1% Guys, “Discount” and “Full Service” go together.  Our lower costs do not mean we provide “lower quality,” “do it yourself,” or “limited service.”  In fact, we give you the same type and quality of service you would find with traditional real estate brokers, which includes professional photography which we pay for, no cancellation fees, and so much more.

Since the founding of the 1% Guys, our team has saved our clients OVER a MILLION dollars! Think it is too good to be true? Call for more details to find out what over 200+ Central Florida buyers and sellers already know!

Get an Additional 1% Rebate on Your Mortgage

With our exclusive program through Quicken Loans

Receive a closing cost credit equal to 1% of your loan amount with this program.

Use this credit for anything you like – landscaping, window treatments, painting – the choice is yours!

The 1% Difference

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