We would like to share some about our late founder and visionary, Mark Young.  Despite being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, he was able to touch hundreds of lives and make their dreams come true.

In continuing with Mark’s legacy, our mission is to ensure the 1% Guys continue to touch as many people as possible and always leave a bit of Mark with our clients.

Below are a few poignant and touching words from Mark when he first established 1% Guys.  We continue to live by these words and work to ensure the vision he had to help people fulfill their dreams of home ownership continue to come to fruition.

Mark Young

Mark Young
1969 – 2018

Hi, my name is Mark Young.

I’m fulfilling a life dream / destiny so to speak. November 10, 2011, I was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (Stage 4 Brain Cancer). I was given six months to live. After several other medical opinions, I accepted the diagnosis and began living to die. I opted to undergo brain surgery (fun stuff), gamma knife surgery, radiation, and monthly chemo to this day.

I began dying to live.

I toiled with the notion of becoming a Realtor® in my prior years, yet never fulfilled it. Until now!!!

I plan to touch as many people with the remaining time I have left. I know it sounds like a weird option to you, but by being a Realtor®, it will afford me the opportunity to do just that. I fell in love with idea of being a part of someone’s dream, goals, and/or life ambitions. In doing so, I leave my clients with a little bit of myself.