How Do I Take Advantage of the Booming Real Estate Market?

Home prices are at their highest levels in years. It’s definitely a seller’s market as people from throughout the country flock to Florida to take advantage of our beautiful weather, thriving job market, and overall quality of life. The recent spike in home prices has some homeowners wondering if they should sell and make a profit. What holds many people back is the fact that they need to then turn around and purchase a home in the same booming market. Our next series of articles will explore some ideas our Orlando seller agents/South Florida seller agents/Tampa seller agents are passing on to their clients who are trying to take advantage of the housing boom.


If you are an empty nester or in a position to downsize, then you can take advantage of selling your home for top dollar. Our South Florida seller agents/Tampa seller agents/Orlando seller agents can help you determine whether listing your existing home and downsizing would be a viable option for you.


You don’t have to buy another home right away. You can always consider renting a place until you find the right opportunity to make a purchase. Our Tampa listing agents/Orlando listing agents/South Florida listing agents can help determine what the potential profit on the sale of your home could be so you can decide if renting will be a viable option for you.

Our next article will discuss more ideas on how you may be able to sell your home and maximize your profit in this booming real estate market.

One Percent Guys Full Service Real Estate Agents is among the top Orlando seller agents/Tampa seller agents/South Florida seller agents helping individuals and families throughout central and south Florida buy and sell their homes. Our one percent real estate model means that when you buy with us you get a 1% rebate on the purchase price of your home. Whether you are buying or selling, our Orlando listing agents/Tampa listing agents/South Florida listing agents refund a portion of their commission on each sale. One Percent Guys Full Service Real Estate Agents also offers an exclusive program through Quicken Loans which allows you to receive a closing cost credit of 1% of your loan amount. Give us a call to learn more today!