Buying a Home in a Neighborhood with an Homeowners’ Association

Buying a Home in a Neighborhood with an Homeowners' Association

We are continuing our series of articles discussing buying a home in a neighborhood with a homeowners’ association (HOA).  Our previous article covered some recommendations from our Orlando listing agents/Tampa listing agents/South Florida listing agents including the importance of understanding the HOA structure and asking for the HOA documents and/or covenants so you can review the requirements before you begin looking at homes in a particular community.  Today, we will look at two more recommendations from our South Florida listing agents/Tampa listing agents/Orlando listing agents to consider.

Get Any Exemptions in Writing

If you want to ask for an exemption to any HOA rule, then you need to get that exemption in writing. Don’t make the mistake of asking if you can store your commercial vehicle in the parking lot of the clubhouse and only getting a verbal, “yes”.  Verbal exemptions do not hold up in a dispute, especially if it was provided to you by someone who may be unauthorized to do so without consensus of the entire board.

Be Clear on the Dues Structure and What They Cover

Make sure you are clear on the dues structure, what you will owe each month, and what those dues cover.  Do you have both a neighborhood association and masters association? Do your dues cover lawn care? Re-roof? Painting? Common groundskeeping?  Access to pool or clubhouse? Make sure you know exactly what your monthly dues include, when they are due, and if there are payment plan options.

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